Types & Formats

Types & Formats

Type of Major Corporate Video Formats
With the advancement in the work atmosphere and growing nature of the work it is very necessary to take the help of corporate films / Videos. Here, the investment needs to be done only once and the benefits can be reaped again and again. This is because the videos can be referred & replicated again and again. The editing enables the video suitable and as per the needs of the client and also it is matched to the specific need & objective. Generally, all such videos are of high definition quality resolution which will enable clarity in understanding and can be a great tool for reference.

Corporate Films
These videos allow you to communicate with your stake-holders in a rich, compelling and an engaging way which retains their attention and loyalty. A corporate film reflects the positive changes undergone by any company and helps in the promotion of the company. Many multinational companies use corporate films at international business events to keep people informed about their new products and services. Corporate films also help to keep people and potential customers aware of the products and any information related.

Documentary Films
These films allow you to communicate with government/ Public organization, Corporate and civil society on various social & critical issues.

Training Videos
Training videos are also an important part of the corporate films. With the advancement in work it is essential that training videos should be there to impart the workers the necessary tips. The clarity in message makes it worthwhile and nowadays companies generally depend on it to impart training. The major advantages of such videos are that it can be referred again and again.

Product Demonstrations
Product demos show how your products work and highlight the features that differentiate it from others. Software screen shoots, 3D cut-away, video diagrams or a high impact demo by a presenter are all excellent ways of showing how your product or service works. These videos are typically used during the sales calls. In technology marketing these videos would be targeted at the technical approvers who need to understand how something works.

Health & Safety Videos
The safety videos contain instructions on the work method. These are very vital as it show step by step method on the safety procedures to be taken while doing a work. The film usually contains instructions how to act and what procedures need to be taken while doing a specific work. Since many works involves a lot of risk therefore it's necessary that beforehand the workers must be acquainted with the safety measures so that no mishap occurs during the course of work. Before joining the work, the workers are shown the safety videos which enables them to take due precautions.

No one will actually trust what you say about your own company, but they will surely believe the testimony of other people. Especially, the testimony of your clients and customers. This is where testimonial videos come into the main frame.

Internal Communication Videos
Generally these videos presents the functions, special process within the company or why they exist. Internal videos that highlight business plans, new business activities and achievements can improve knowledge transfer and lead to more effective communications.

Info Graphics Videos
The concept of info graphic videos has drawn attention in almost every dimension of audio visual formats. From feature films to small educational videos everybody has tasted this new aspect of data presentation.

360 Degree Videos
The latest tech buzz in the world of video making is 360 degree videos or VR Videos. VR Videos or 360 degree videos are those types of videos which are created by a virtual tour which carries a sequence of videos. It basically gives you a feel of a panorama shot, giving an unbroken view while panning through a series of video footage. Taking 360 degree video is the new ball game. Taking a number of shots together from a single vantage point. A VR tour is different from a single Video tour.

360 Degree Photography
“A Picture says a thousand words, but a Virtual tour tells a whole story.” This is what comes in mind when we talk about 360 degree photography or Virtual Reality Photography. The most significant aspect which sets apart Virtual Photograph from simple photograph is that a virtual photo is three dimensional. Media Design, a vibrant corporate film production house, is proficient in producing such type of wide angle panoramic photographs which encompasses a 360 degree circle or a spherical view. Media Designs has expertise as well as experience in the art of capturing or creating a complete scene as a single image.

Event/Conference and Trade Show Communications
Companies can Share the knowledge gained at special sessions, International conferences, Meets & events by capturing the presentation, demos, interviews, commentaries etc. on video.

Employee Orientation
Once your new recruits are on board employee orientation videos are a great way to get new staff up to speed. Company profile, vision, mission, history, structure, procedures, policies and codes of conduct can all be communicated effectively with video.

Community Relations Video
Today, big companies are also working out in the community area , being good corporate citizens, they are helping the environment and contributing to important causes. These efforts can be captured & showcased to society what they are doing, don't just talk about it.

Video Magazine
In these videos, content is created on a regular basis (usually monthly) that customers and prospects can view through a subscription service.

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