Internal Comm. Video

Internal Comm. Video

Good internal communication – whether to employees, team, management, supply chain or volunteers – helps to create a corporate environment in which everyone knows and understands company goals and is focused on achieving the same objectives. These are an essential ingredient for the growth of any business.

Today many companies are using the power of videos for their internal communication. Internal communication videos keep the organization unified with alignment of culture and policy. These videos cover a wide range of area and extend them to people across diverse geographic distances. They save both time & money by becoming instantly accessible for long times and variety of devices from desktop to mobile.  There are many ways to incorporate these specific videos into your internal communication strategy

Media Designs has an expertise for internal communication video, offering different progressive formats in internal communication video as per the industry requirements, some of these are:

Videos on Reports and Presentations
Reports & Presentations are the usual procedure for every company. Its play a major role to benchmarking & planning the next milestones. The traditional method of presentations doesn’t engage and impart the information clearly. Acc. to research the retention of information is six times greater when it presented through visually as well as orally.

Videos on Health and Legal Safety
Health & legal videos can make employees aware for any mishap or accident. It educates the employees to understand their benefits or explaining safety regulation.  These videos also allow your employees to spot the actions that should have been taken to prevent it happening.

Training Videos
Training is the most important part for any successful organization. It boosts the confidence & overall performance of team. Video is a great medium to train new joiners as well as old one with cost- effective & easy approach. Because today, everyone prefers visual communication than typically 5-6 hours lectures. 

Message Boards
Many companies using the interactive boards to display the message, policy, info etc. via video. Companies also using internal forums and video magazines where employees can check & share their experiences, learning’s & views.

Videos on Internal Case Studies
A case study usually looks at a situation or problem in-depth. These Video helps to demonstrate the problem, method applied for solutions & their effective outcomes.

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