Team MnD

Mr. Tarun Sharma, Founder and Director at Media Designs is a versatile, experienced man who has many talents. More than a decade of experience and expertise has helped him shape his creation, Media Designs with full-throttle and carried out successful projects in and out of India. He is well-versed with cameras, direct shoots, manage PR and advertising. His passion for his work and company and the drive to give his clients exemplary outputs has earned him and Media Designs a reputable position in the production industry plentiful promising and loyal clients.

Mr. Mukul Mishra is one of the significant and valued members of Media Designs. He is designated as the Chief Editor but his skill-set, expertise and knowledge about the industry go way beyond his editing table. His editing skills are just as brilliant as his skills with camera. His contributions have turned projects into major success that Media Designs can be proud to add in its portfolio.

Apart from the two primary members, a proficient, passionate and dedicated team of experts of various designations are also employed at Media Designs. We have Videographers, Photographers, Video Editors, Assistants, Content developers, Media coordinators, Graphic designers has made Media Designs capable of producing state-of-the-art outputs for its clients and maintain our credibility.