10 questions that will help you to create an awesome video

On Jun 01

By considering these questions, you can help us to create a video and a plan that suits your needs and achieves your goals in the most competent way possible. This questionnaire also plays a big role in deciding the budget of the desired corporate video production. So kindly consider these questions that affect the cost & concept of video production.


  • What is the purpose of making the videos?

Firstly you need to understand the purpose of the video that whether the video is the part of the company presentation or social media promotion. There are different aspects and procedures which are to be considered in making of any video. Once you define the exact purpose of the video, you are going to the right way…

  • Who is your target audience?

Today, perhaps than ever before, defining your target market is imperative to creating a marketing tool (Video) that works. Once you know about your target audience then you can begin to conceptualize around how you will market to them so they can be made interested in being associated with you.

  • Do you already have a concept, or are we developing one for you?

Video concept is the actual structure of your video. This question will define the complexity of the project.  Because there are several additional steps for script approval and at any point client may ask for script enhancement.  There’s less complexity & time consumption if the client provides the script draft so you can simply bring it to life.

  • What is your ideal deadline?

If you want a good video that includes, ideation, scripting, production & final editing then you should have enough time to meet the deadline.  It is a real challenge to develop a good video presentation within a span of 15-20 days. There are numerous parameters like ideation, conceptualization, production etc. that takes time to deliver the best output.  If the client expects the finished product within a short span of time then you need to have an eminent creative team & fair experience to meet the deadline.

  • Do you have any budget?

Budget is the key factor to define the video quality. You can add more and more integrants in your video as per your budget. The project cost will depend on how realistic client expectations are or can their expectations fit in the desired budget.

  • What are the Major Parts to shoot? Determines which equipment we need………

Shooting is one of the major aspects of video production in terms of cost & quality. Do you have any preference regarding the camera, lights, drone or any other allied equipment?  What areas you want to cover or shoot. These aspects definitely matter for your deliverable project.

  • What is your shooting location?

Are the production facilities up to date? Your shooting location actually defines the footage quality, always do recce or share a snapshot of shooting location, so that production crew has fair idea about the real time conditions prevailing in the shooting location.

  • Do you want professional actors or voice- over artists? Or using your own people for the same?

Hiring a professional actor definitely increases your video cost but it also generates more engagement.  Your video voice over is an incredibly important factor to the success of your video quality. We always prefer professional voice over artist rather than your own people. Yes, it can add few amount of money in your budget but also create a good impact in your final product.

  • How long should be the video? (Suggested: Shorter is better)

Generally, the client is unaware about video duration; they strained to showcase each & every information about their company with a span of 6 – 8 mins. that is so easy to develop for any vendor.   The ultimate challenge for any video production company is to create a shorter video showcasing the all relevant information, visual, content etc.

  • Do you have any video for reference that’s comparable to what you want?

This question will help you to closely identify client expectations and anticipated cost for the project.  Reference videos are always beneficial for both the parties in terms of ideation, budget, timeline etc.  Always do some research before reaching to the vendor, so that your vendor can understand your exact requirements or expectations & can help you to resolve your communication impediments?