5 key tools to remove background noise from your audio files

On Jun 01

We usually concentrate on the video visuals, however, don’t consider sound as imperative as visuals. The vast majority of the beginners in video production concentrate on catching great quality footages yet they lack in their sound quality.

Certainly sound is as important as video visuals. Your audience might ignore low-resolution images or footage but they always love to hear good background music with clear audio. Your sound quality not only engages your audience but also conceals any cinematographic mistake. For instance, during an interview or testimonials, 90% of information originates from your audio. Without good audio, your message can’t associate your audience precisely. But, what we can do to remove background noise which is a true disaster for any video?

Here are the 5 simple tools that will definitely help you to remove background noise to upgrade your audio quality. 

1. The easy way to remove background noise is the use of denoiser effect in Adobe Premiere. Generally, during the audio recording, our devices also carry different types of background noise like hum sound, traffic noise or any other unwanted sound. You can find denoiser effect, under Audio Effects > Stereo > DeNoiser.



2. You can also use Adobe Audition powerful tool for fixing common audio problems like background noise, humming sounds, echo etc. Use noise reduction or restoration effects that will defiantly help you to remove various audio noises. Use the Marquee Selection tool, to select noise in a specific frequency range.


3. In FCPx you can also remove audio noise from your audio. In audio enhancements effects, you can remove noise/humming by selecting noise remover or de hummer.


4. This is another powerful tool called Sound Track Pro, is specially designed for composing and audio editing application. By selecting noise reduction you can enhance your audio quality without compromising. There is a huge sound library with plenty of sound effects that will definitely get a new life to your final video.


5. There is another powerful free multi-track audio editor & recorder tool called Audacity.  It’s a free, easy-to-use, multi-track audio editor and recorder for Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux and other operating systems.



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