5 Reasons Why your Upcoming Event needs a Video Presentation

On Jun 01

Got an upcoming event? Want everyone to know about it? Then make a film about it. Today’s consumers demand more than ever before, they are smart and know what they want. Advertising techniques have changed due to this growing smartness in consumers; they want to SEE what you have got in store for them, not just hear or read about it.

Here are 5 Reasons why a Corporate Film is a must for your Event Promotion:


Films are the most attractive medium of communication; they can make your subject more interesting and memorable. It is refreshing and entertaining, consumers love videos. It presents the event with a good dressing and induces curiosity and excitement.

Self Explanatory:

The best way to describe anything is to show it visually, the only other method as strong as films are in-person presentations, and films save all that much time and energy. Features like the venue, theme, facilities, cause and so on are highlighted and explained better in a video than in any other form. It is a onetime investment that continues to reap you goods without any constant efforts.

In a case for a presentation to a client or investor as well, videos are the best format as they do not stammer or get nervous.

Faster Message Delivery:

Films easily showcase and describe the matter, with some visual shots and few captions or narration, viola! It’s done. In comparison to PPTs, the visual does not have to be verbally explained and in comparison to verbal explanation, imagination does not have to induce, as the other person will never imagine the same picture that you are imagining. And its language also never changes, every word remains the same and helps avoid confusion.

A power of Emotion:

Films have an emotional touch, as emotions of the presenter can be well portrayed through a film. For instance if the event is for charity, the film can be slow paced, with heart-wrenching music and a soft voice over that would melt every viewer’s heart and make them come to the event; otherwise, if the event is a glamorous ball, it can be a fast paced, with larger than life shots of grandeur and orchestral music.

Thus, emotions are best portrayed through videos and emotional touches attract the audience, leaving a deeper impact. It also enhances the presenter’s reputation as films seem like a much more professional and luxurious approach to promotion/advertising.

Reaches a larger Audience:

As the new consumers love videos, if done the right way, the video will generate bigger buzz. Videos mean promotion on a higher scale, as it is likely to reach more people and make it tough for competitors. Youtube is the second largest search engine on the internet, and once a video is published on it, it directly creates a huge audience for itself.

The secret is to give the film the right name, as audiences only type keywords and if any one keyword is included in the film title, it’ll match. The video can also be uploaded in a prominent area of the company website and many people will watch it before contacting you. This means that you can let the video fill in the blanks in terms of what people wanted to know.

Well, these were the advantages of using video; now let’s talk about what happens if you don’t use video. A majority of the Internet traffic is video, it is the new way to talk to and engage with customers. It also allows direct contact. Most of the information sent to our brain is visual, so where a video is lacking, Customers will process information 60,000 times slower than where the video is available, and other marketing techniques are also 6 times less effective than video.

So, now you know and understand the importance of doing your event the favour of making it a Corporate Film. Don’t hesitate; it’s not as expensive or far-fetched as it looks. Get your event the best form of promotion now.