How to avoid the most common lighting mistakes in a Video production

On Jun 01

These are the five most regular lighting errors that we see constantly. Take after these guidelines to avoid damage in your next Corporate film making.

Mistake no. 1: Not using lights

Lighting a subject or a scene can make a lots of difference to your shots & quality.  If you are shooting in dim situations without lighting, you can’t capture the quality shots that connect the audience. So, utilizing lights can enhance what you can accomplish with your Corporate video.

Not lighting

Mistake no. 2: Shadows

The main purpose of utilizing lights is to illuminate a subject uniformly by spreading the light equitably over the face & to dodge shadows. A typical methodology is the three point lighting framework. Regarding the matter of lighting a scene, one of the greatest errors is not recognizing the nervy shadow that has been made from the apparatus.


Mistake no. 3: Wrong White Balance

Most cameras have a number of pre-set also an “auto” mode where the camera will try and guess what the light is.  Its good for normal case, but not okay in professional shoot. Leaving it in auto mode is a sure way to get an odd color cast to your footage.  Check the white balance manually by  placing a white sheet of paper in front of camera.


Mistake no. 4: Over Exposure

Utilizing excessive light on a object is not a good  choice for several reasons. Firstly, it is ruin your shots & video quality. Furthermore, it does not compliment for your object. The answer for this is to utilize channels or diffusers to diminish the quality of the lights. If you do not have one try to utilize dividers, & roofs, to reflect your light off.


Mistake no. 5: Lack of Experience

Lighting mix-ups are more inclined to happen when you are claiming to recognize what you are doing. Whilst lighting is a special expertise, it is one that could be enhanced effortlessly on the off chance that you as a good Video production company  take the time to research the strategies, and afterward really hone them. For newcomer,  follow the all basics of lighting & require a lots of research & practice to become the masters.