The Best tips for setting up your Corporate Video Duration

On Jun 01

How can you define the exact length of your corporate video ??

There is no formula to define the accurate duration of videos, it depends of many factors like audience, types, purpose etc. it’s true that people love to watch small videos, but how can you define your company, products, history etc in 60 seconds. The biggest challenge for any professional video production company is to make your video length small as much as possible including the all major points that customer wants. For your connivance, here we share the some tips that will help you to decide the duration of your video & make your video awesome.

Tip #1 – keep trying to your video exactly as long as it takes for you get to the point. Don’t give reason to your audience to click – away.

Tip #2 – Never follow any predefine formula (180 seconds isn’t right and 100 seconds is right). Always remember that type of video, targeted audience and the purpose of the video ultimately decide the length of your video.

Tips for setting up your Corporate Video Duration

Tip #3 – Build your script first, try to include all the good stuff at the beginning and end with your message that you wants to showcases in the video. (Purpose of your video)

Tip #4 – Consider breaking you script into small chunks in case of lot of things to say. Try to adding index references on the page that helps viewer to jump of the piece of video that they actually care about.

Tip #5 – Measure your result. If you see that people away from your video after 40 seconds then it’s time to edit again.

The bottom line is, in corporate videos or other forms of videos try to get to the point as quickly as you can.