How to Buy DSLR Camera in 5 Minutes

On Jun 01

DSLR cameras are more powerful than other previous cameras. DSLRs have more control over the shots & their ability to change lenses gives you more flexibility to shoot better. From corporate film making to photography DSLR provides easy-to-use features & options.

But how to choose a perfect DSLR in 5 minutes?

Easy to carry:
It is really important to understand that which camera seems really comfortable in your hands, there’s a lot of DSLR cameras from various brands and each camera has different body feel, some are sleek, some seems shiny, some has rubber grip and some are just made of plastic, so what feels more comfortable in your hands, you should get this on your wish list

Megapixels play important part in DSLR but it doesn’t mean it is a big player. High quality of photos doesn’t matter on pixels however if you need to crop or resize your picture than pixels are important

Sensor size:
Sensor size is also an important aspect in any DSLR, the bigger sensor size the better image quality,
so if you are in the market and looking for a DSLR, try to read its brochures or specifications first before making a final decision

Understand the need:
Most important is to understand the purpose of your camera. If you aspire to do occasional photography in parties or any ceremonial programs, then DSLR might not be your need. The question arises but why?

This is because DSLR are high maintenance cameras, they are costly and one would want to use it for professional work. However there are no hard boundaries, people often use DSLR for casual purposes, but not everyone is that rich and neither would like to waste that amount of money.
While if you are a newbie in photography and want to learn this complexion of science and art then there are a lot of good DSLR in the price range of 30,000 INR to 40,000 INR. These range of DSLR are specifically for beginners from various brands like canon, Nikon, sony, pentax etc.

How to Buy DSLR Camera in 5 Minutes

DSLR are not merely for photography but they are also appropriate for videography. There are many corporate film makers who use DSLR for videos instead of video cameras. Many of the spoofs we watch on YouTube or any social sites are made by these DSLR cameras. The question rises why choose a DSLR over a video camera?

Well firstly the cost of the video camera, video cameras are way more costly than any DSLR camera. Secondly DSLR cameras are easy to carry and use as they are smaller in size and doesn’t require the kind of setup used for video cameras.

We will talk in another article about differences between video camera and DSLR but right now we are going to focus on “how to buy new DSLR camera?”
So yes video function also matter to a higher extend in your decision to purchase a DSLR if that is your need

If you want to make videos or films with DSLR cameras then you have to understand there are two important things about any video:

a) Resolution of video:
Resolution of video defines the size of any video, if the resolution is higher the video would be more clearer but if the resolution is lower the video would be less clearer. This difference you might not catch in conventional television however you will notice this in the any LCD or LED television. There are following resolutions of any video for DSLR

480p (720 × 480 progressive scan)
720p (1,280 × 720 progressive scan)
1080i (1,920 × 1,080 split into two interlaced fields of 540 lines)

These are basic resolution modes given in any DSLR while there might be more depending on the kind of DSLR. The point is, higher the resolution, better the quality of videos. Today 1080i is the optimum output given by a DSLR. This output resolution is also known as HD (high definition) video

b) Frames:
Frames may not matter for you much, as we can always change them during video editing yet it is important and required feature given by any DSLR
Frames explain the speed of any video, if the frames are higher the video would be slower but if frames are lower the video would be faster you may understand it by understanding slow motion effect.
Here is an interesting fact for you professional movies which we watch in theatres are made on 24fps(frames per second). There are a lot of DSLR cameras giving 24 cinematic fps, so choose wisely.

International standard organization( Iso) is another important feature for any DSLR. Photographers face a situation where we are required to click a photo, but the result may not seem satisfactory. This may be because of the light conditions not being so good. One of the most common problems with every DSLR user or photographers is how to get a good photo in low light condition. ISO helps to give more exposure in low light condition to result in a better photograph. ISO is indeed an important feature to be checked before purchasing a camera.

These are main factors to understand before buying any DSLR camera. If you have some specified brand or camera model in your mind you can always check reviews and videos about that DSLR it may help you to decide. We wish you learn and enjoy with your photography…