Classroom Training Vs Training Videos I Advantage of Training Videos

On Jun 01

Classroom training has been the method of passing on knowledge since 19th century. With the advancement of technology and development of internet, in the recent past, even the teaching and learning methods have changed. A lot of online courses are now available for learning which use the medium of videos to impart knowledge. Schools and colleges have started using electronic media to impart education as well. Companies have now started training their employees via videos rather than classroom training. More than 40% of Fortune 500 companies use e-Learning and 72% of organizations claim that eLearning provides them with a distinct competitive advantage.

Here are a few advantages of using videos for training.

Saves Time & Money
Video training allows information to be deployed more quickly. A training video takes 40-60% less time to train employees as compared to classroom training. Thus, taking less time away from an employee’s day. This saves time and money of the company. The development hours as well as the travel costs are reduced when videos are used for training employees as the cost of trainer and his logistics are saved. Training videos are a onetime investment whereas classroom training cost every time the same training is required for a different batch.

Self Paced Learning
Training videos provide the flexibility for every individual to learn at their own pace. It allows employees to take as much time as they need to complete their work. Every person comprehends and understands at a different rate. It is never possible in a classroom training environment to make sure the trainer’s pace is right for all the trainees in the class. An employee can continue his training after working hours or while traveling too in case of corporate video.

Interesting Medium
A video engages the employee more than classroom training. We remember visual images more easily than words. This makes usage of video for training a very effective tool. A video can explain concepts by storytelling. Humans relate with stories and remember them more than anything else. Storytelling helps us connect the content with the real world.

Provides Consistency
People who work in the graveyard shift receive the same information as those in the day shift. Training using videos provide consistency in the content of training as well as the teaching method. Every trainer has a different style of teaching. This affects the quality of lectures. In case of training videos, the quality of training remains consistent.

Although, videos are very effective in training employees, conventional methods of teaching cannot be completely replaced. Classroom training and training videos, the effect of both is multiplied when used together. It is best to use both in unison and strengthen the training program of your organization.