Corporate Scriptwriting Tips for Budding Writers I Decoding Script Writing

On Jun 01

A video without a script is like a person without thoughts. It is good to say, the script provides the structure for the entire film, if the script is not up to the mark, it won’t be easy to make a good film. The script is the backbone, on which the entire film stands.

A good corporate video script successfully conveys the message in an interesting, clear and concise manner so that by the end of the video, the audience is entertained and has grasped information that was being communicated.

Here are the important tips to make up a great video script.

Know your audience:
Before you begin writing your script, clear your head and think about the intended audience. Once you have structuralized your audience, you need to do your research as to what type of content will work for this target audience. For example, if you are making a video for pre-school, your audience will be parents of young children, in that case, emotional and inspirational content would be most effective. Also, make sure the tone and language of the video resonates with the target audience.

Write a Video Brief:
Once you have recognized the target audience, set the objectives of the video. These objectives would be in accordance to the message that you need to convey with the video. A brief must include the reason why you are making this video, what the video needs to convey, who is your target, what is it that you want to do once the video is complete, and what technical details the video must incorporate.

Develop a story to tell your message:
Humans are social beings. No matter what the context, humans are drawn towards stories and emotions. You must keep this in mind while writing your corporate script as well. Never make a corporate script too formal. Keep a human element attached to the script no matter what the product is. For example, if your client is someone who makes medical instruments, draft a script that talks about the marvel that is human body.

Make the first 15 seconds engaging:
The first 15 seconds of a video are the most important ones. The first 15 seconds decide if the viewer will watch the video further or stop mid-way. With so much power to the audience, holding the audience with immersive content has become exceptionally challenging. While writing the script, there must be a terrific cliff hanger at 10 or 15 seconds.

Keep the mystery alive
While writing the script, you must never describe everything or give all information away. Always remember, there is a major difference in novel writing and script writing. While writing a novel, you do not have any other aid for description; while in scriptwriting, your video will have visual elements, sound effects etc. to enhance your concept. It is advised to use these elements rather than explaining everything.

Clarity is important:
Sometimes when we write a corporate or an industrial script, we end up writing very technical and complicated content. Such scripts are difficult to understand for a layman. We must always try to write a script that is clear and easy to understand so that anyone who watches the video, even if the audience doesn’t know the technicalities, they understand the processes and the basics of the business.

Read, Review, Re-write
As soon as you are done writing the script, you must read the script end to end once. Most of the times, we find few mistakes when we read it twice or thrice. Keep reading and updating the script until you are completely satisfied.

These tips will help you create a good video script for your next corporate video. To create an engaging video, a good script is key. Make sure you write an exceptional video script to make your video marketing campaign a success.