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DigiVid is a package provided by us, to the corporate and SMEs that doesn’t let you worry about your social media profiles anymore. We got your back! We provide you with tailor made packages that enable you to enhance your reach in the digital world, and communicate through the most efficient digital platform that suits you better.

The advancement of social media has changed the traditional marketing process. Most businesses are capitalizing by becoming active on digital media platforms. With DigiVid, Media Designs helps you create your digital persona through engaging video content. These videos will help your organization to be amiable and trustworthy by setting you as specialists in your industry. DigiVid lifts greater engagement and enables buyers to get to know you and feel more comfortable investing in you.

As a part of DigiVid, videos will be produced as per client requirements to be shared on digital media in compatible formats. The main objective of DigiVid is,

  • To build a relationship between the brand and the viewer.
  • To provide useful information and educate your buyers.
  • To help you reach a larger audience.
  • To boost your digital media presence & increase the website traffic.