How to drill down Video Concepts I Develop a Creative Concept

On Jun 01

Writer’s block, lacks of inspiration, creative slowdown, we writers are well aware of all the ways our writing gets delayed, and it is not something we do willingly but mostly there is just no inspiration to write. Writing fresh and innovatively is an art. But, there are times our ideas get dried off. These are the times when we become anxious. Coming up with new concepts is one of the biggest challenge for every writer. Once the concept is set, writing starts to flow.

This blog will help you get over your block and begin afresh with a great concept for a video. Here are a few tips to break your block,

Inspiration can be Anywhere:
The best way to come up with new concepts is to keep your eyes and ears always open. A good writer is extremely attentive and observant. You can only deliver high quality concepts when you know the world too well. A writer must look for stories all around.

Do some Research:
When I say look around, I don’t just mean the world, a writer must look around everywhere i.e. the real world as well as the virtual world. Sometimes the best of ideas come through the idea of someone else. Watching videos regularly on YouTube, Vimeo might give rise to something phenomenal.

Read, Read, Read:
Books are a writer’s best friend. There need not be any specific book or genre, just read anything and everything. Reading not only improves your vocabulary, it also improves the writing style and imbibes new ideas. Books have the power to open you to a whole new world.

Brainstorm with your Team:
Another extremely effective trick to come up with new ideas for a video is to start brainstorming with other people. Sometimes, words from one person can start a series of thoughts and end up becoming a great idea.

Talk to Everyone:
Wherever you go, whoever you meet, try and talk to everyone. Meeting new people and understanding new perspectives will give rise to exceptional ideas. These ideas will be unique and original.

Get some fresh Air:
Another interesting technique to clear your head and invite new ideas is to go on a walk alone, without your phone or music. Just spend some time alone with nature. This will definitely give you a new perspective and probably the words will start to flow in no time.

Just Write:
Last but not the least, if you need to come up with an idea, just pick up a notebook and pen and start writing. You need not write anything relevant, but just write. This will definitely improve your mental clog and your ideas will start to flow.