How to get great video shots on a camera slider

On Jun 01

Moving shots brings so much dynamism to your videos. A slider gives you freedom to capture moving shots in more than one angle with minimal utilization of equipment and assistance. So, here we discuss few tricks and techniques to make most out of your slider.

Slide to reveal: This is the usual shot that includes just sliding your camera left to right or the opposite way. However recreate this shot by having a foreground and then reveal the original composition. This shot will give the viewer a better sense of scales.

Pan: Do the usual camera sliding from left to right but with pan. As the camera slides, pan the camera while making the subject stay in focus and in the middle throughout.


Slide from back to the front: Place your slider vertically to your subject. Move the slider from back to front with focus pull technique. From being out of focus the subject becomes focus.

Round effect: While sliding horizontal, also swing you’re your camera making a circular effect.

Tilt the tripod: Slant your slider to one side and try sliding your camera up and down.

Zoom in & out: While sliding vertical, zoom in and out to your subject.

A slider even has advantage over crane and jib. It comes handy, let’s you have good control over the camera and gives complete freedom from unnecessary bulk and slow setup.

Happy shooting!