How to write a compelling corporate video script

On Jun 01

After writing for years, I believe that writers are not born, they are made. You become a creative writer or a storyteller when you love the craft of expressing without judging or commenting on what you’ve written. Writing for fiction gives you endless possibilities and freedom to write as you imagine. However, when you write for non-fiction, there come few essential parameters that you should follow.

Before scripting for a corporate video understand the needs of the client. Answer questions like what is the core idea of them making a corporate video? If there is any special event or annual day of corporate coming up or whom do they want to address? Is it a vendor’s meet? If they want to showcase their firm as innovative, employee centric or there could be several other reasons. Once you know the taste of your client and reason behind making a video, you are all set to write the script.

Well, there is not paradigm for writing a corporate video script. However, you may keep certain important points in mind before scripting. Here’s the piece of advice while writing for non-fiction corporate video.

Define the existence: Every brand exists because of what is means and how they are serving to make human lives better. In order to establish the strong existence of a brand, you’ll need to describe the reason why they originated. Remember not to be upfront about stating the problem; though try to relate it to the daily lives of the target audience.

Explain the solution: Successful Brands are the ones who are providing convenient solutions to the problems. Make the audience realize the importance of the brand and how well are these brands doing to solve the problems with new innovative ideas.


Talk about analytics: Very essential part of any corporate video, the numbers. How profitable is any business is judged on the basis of its potential numbers. For Example: the production capacity of its plant, number of satisfied customers, and number of locations they are serving etc. The best and effective statistics are to be included in the script to be shown as motion graphics or animation.

Interview: Generate a point where there is a need of a spokesperson justifying the facts you have been quoting. This is the breakthrough point where major questions about the organization are answered by the interviewee. The interviewee is the face of the brand, speaking about the key agendas.

The USPs: This all what viewer has been waiting for. What are the points that make this brand better than its competitors. This is the area where scriptwriter can make most of the positive impacts in the viewer’s mind. Knit all the super qualities of an organization together.

Summarise story of the brand: The only way to make viewer remember the entire brand story is to conclude and summarise at the end. With limited hold on memory, viewers tend to forget few points. However, to make sure they don’t forget the major points.

Once you have completed the first draft including all the essentials, spend the next day doing proof reading. Proof read to make sure that you’ve kept the script brief and not stressed on explaining each segment. Omit the sections where you observe repetition, speak to the point about the video.

At the end, add some thrill to engage the audience like popping up questions or using phrases that would evoke emotions.

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