Media Designs is introducing 4K technology in Corporate Filming.

Corporate films and videos are the one of the most effective communication tools. In this fast paced world, it is important for organizations to keep upgrading their skills and technology as per requirement. Good quality corporate videos are valuable resources for organizations.

Media designs, is one of the best corporate production house in Delhi NCR. They assure production of good quality videos for their clients. For more than a decade, they have produced videos for a wide range of clients from various industries. They are one of the few in the industry in possession of in-house camera and editing setup.

Now, Media Designs is introducing 4K technology to corporate filming and raising the quality standards furthermore. With the introduction of 4K in the corporate industry, the quality of the videos has increased.

One of the major factors determining the quality of a video is its resolution. Resolution is the number of pixels in a single frame of the video. Better the resolution of the video better is the quality of the video. 4K almost has four times more pixels in a frame as compared to 1080p. 4K refers to one of two high definition resolutions: 3840 x 2160 pixels or 4096 x 2160 pixels.

Media Designs is one of the very few corporate production houses in Delhi-NCR region who has upgraded to 4K technology. The utmost advantage of 4K technology is that even when projected on a very large screen, the video will not get pixilated. A major challenge for 4K production is that it is much more complex as compared to HD and extremely skilled professionals are required to handle 4k compatible camera as well as 4k editing workflow. Media Designs owns four 4K compatible cameras, has an exceptionally skilled team capable of handling 4K workflow like a pro. Media Designs team has already worked on multiple successful 4K projects.

Video professionals are embracing the benefits of 4K. 4K technology is the future of filming. The future could be here sooner than we think. It is better to switch to 4K now than wait until later.

We would love to cater to your filming needs and provide you with best of our services. If you wish to partner with us or view samples of our work, you can contact us on the below given contact details.

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