How Much Does It Cost To Make A Corporate Video or Film?

On Jun 01

While discussing about the corporate video production with your client, after 5-10 min conversation, your prospective clients often asks, “How much does it cost to make a video / film?”. It’s a relevant question – and many video makers wishes there were a simple answer.  But the real fact is, this question can make or break your deal, because sometimes customer doesn’t know the different stage, process and complications to make a good corporate video and already make some rough figure that doesn’t match to your one. So, your direct answer can make a bad impact or barrier between you & your clients.

A reasonable answer would probably be:  It Depends.

Do you want a voice – over??  Or What the purpose of this video??. How much length would you prefer???  More likely something in between that.  Before giving you a quick quote, you should ask a lot of questions like any experienced production company – including what budget range you are considering.

It’s better to meet your clients, before giving a quick quote if possible, because this can help you to understand the basic concept & requirement of potential clients.