Post - Production

The post-production phase of any project involves editing the captured footage (film), adding captions and graphics, music and sometimes other sounds before outputting the compilation(or sequence) in a format suitable for screening, DVD and/or we streaming. We will do the following:

Logging involves viewing all the captured footage and deciding what will be of use in the edit Digitizing or Capturing is the process of transferring the logged clips to the computer.

Editing involves manipulating the clips in such a way that the message comes across most effectively. Here, music is added, captions and graphics devised, possible additional sounds recorded and added and voice over added if required. This procedure also involves some subtle processes like grading, where the colours of the footage are tweaked to obtain a particular atmosphere or effect.

Mastering is the outputting of the final copy of the movie in whatever format is required.

Archiving is best made in a number of formats. Because video is very space-intensive it is not usually possible to archive the whole project after mastering has taken place. A digital master of the project will be taken without the source footage (which may be re-captured if absolutely necessary) and a tape master is also usually recorded. We will normally archive a project for one year after completion but we can supply the whole project on a DVD if required which will dramatically reduce the time of preparing re-edits.