Pre - Production

Many of the questions asked above fall into the category of pre-production issues. In other words they are issues raised and answered in advance of the production days (or shooting days) to make that time as productive, efficient and successful as possible. Once the proposal has been fully thought through and discussed with the production company a full quotation can be put forward. A production schedule is then prepared by the film production company in which the shooting days are specified, equipment booked and a shooting script drafted. The shooting script outlines the schedule on the shooting days, specifies what will be filmed and where, and if there are any special requirements. After the shooting script has been finalized a detailed shot list will be drawn up for the shooting days. If a film drafted by the company, perhaps the marketing manager and then revised by the film production company based on their experience of the film making process. A small company would be advised to consult with an external marketing consultant who will be able to focus on the film as part of a coordinated marketing campaign.

Summary of pre-production:

  • A clear proposal from Media Designs to your company and discussion leading to a production schedule.
  • A shooting script details the production days
  • A shot list details the kinds of shots the director is looking for to fulfill your aims.