Still Photography

A professional photographer can be identified easily in the crowd because of his precision at work, the way he captures his/her subject in the camera lens, level of customization and his ability to give quality work at all times.

Media Designs has associated itself with only the most remarkable photographers and teamed them to deliver our customers with utmost professionalism and excellence. Our talented team of photographers has brought forth an idea which is exclusive to us, called Structured Analysis Design and Development. It is a step by step process adopted in our professional photography services architecture.

What happens in Structured Analysis Design and Development?

After receiving an enquiry from our customer, our team visits the location to conduct a detailed analysis of the plant and the machinery, the final products, rejection handling methods, process control techniques and a host of other details. We draw the initial blueprint of the entire project based on these initial studies and consultations. We understand that every customer has a different purpose and a different set of target audience. Whether you are just a startup or an established manufacturer, Media Designs works on it accordingly. That is, in case of startups, we can take up the project right from scratch. Our Industrial Photography services prepare a complete digital diary for you. You can use it for government and bank approval procedures. Your civil engineers can use the same for infrastructural and transportation line planning, and other desired purposes.

Many corporates undertake varied procedures with the aim of promoting the products or services they offer to increase customer base. If you are one of them, Media Designs can provide its HDR photography and Panorama services. It can cover promotional customer demos, conferences, seminars, etc. for you.

Our photography team has experience in machine photography as well. So we are happy to provide our services to the customers who have manufacturing, molding, and precision engineering industries. The cameras and other equipment that we use are much advanced than that used by our competitors. They give us an advantage and help us in delivering high-resolution images to the customers. Adding to the cameras that click high-resolution images, we have the latest technology and editing tools which aide us in giving perfect finishing to all the images of the machinery.

Thanks to the past satisfactory experiences of our customers, we are now appreciated for our Industrial photography services. We now continue to deliver the same satisfactory experience to the leading and established production and engineering units all over India.

Product photography acts as yet another influential factor that helps in grabbing the attention of more and more people at a time.

Media Designs also takes up projects for Product photography. We provide:

  • Product demo
  • Samples photos for customer approval
  • Trade fairs
  • Expos and other promotional purposes.

The expert team at Media Designs, with the help of its updated technology tools, gives results with precision, highlighting every minute detail of your product.

We work closely with our customers to ensure they are getting satisfactory results in every stage of the project. Our costing factor is determined by, levels of sophistication, precision and customization demanded by you.