Team MnD

Media Designs is a conglomerate of aspiring and experienced professionals who aim at bringing a new evolution in the era of corporate film making, Publicity video making and various types of Industrial video production. We have a fine blend of Filmmakers, Script Writers, Video Editors, Graphic designers, but one significant figure with a never say die spirit and illuminative perception is

The man with nerves of steel and soaring dreams. The man who shines like the sun and stands as a pillar of inspiration for all of us. Mr. Tarun Sharma, a young Entrepreneur with an abundance of knowledge and the vision to create fresh and innovative films for businesses. He is the whole and soul of our team. His talents have no bounds and he is a ‘super-multitasker’. With hard earned experience of 18 years and his wide knowledge regarding techno commercial aspects of media he has helped his company attain clients like from India and abroad.

Milind Bhatnagar is the DOP (Director of Photography) and the Chief Editor of the house. His experienced flair with the camera is as extravagant as his wisdom on the editing machine. Milind never stays behind to bring out a cutting edge through his camera work or seasoned touch through his flamboyant editing skills.

Sachin Shukla (Sr. Producer)
An engineer by education a craftsman by skill, Mr. Sachin Shukla is the Multi-tasking-Stress-unloading-Spark-striking-Driving-Force. He is the solution to all our problems. Management comes to him naturally and ideas come to him automatically. He is the most organized person on our team and plans even the minutest details for projects. He multi-tasks like no one else could. His creativity and fresh thinking makes him a great asset to the team.

Sagarika Day (Script Writer)
Sagarika Day is the creative writer of Media Designs. An Engineer with a flair for writing that drove her to carve a career in corporate script writing. Her passion and her observant eyes make her a well-equipped content writer. She always delivers concise, clear and engaging content.

It is due to the presence of these significant pillars in our team that we are able to take the deep plunge into the ice cold deep water of uncertain and sometimes unfavorable erudition to bring out the best productivity for our clients, keeping in mind the sensitivity of the situation before us.

Our team comprises of experts from many other domains. We have graphic design experts to help us with various graphical needs. Well trained account experts with great attention to detail and anticipating problems. An army of creative minds who keep churning their heads to come up with new and innovative ideas. Our camera and editing crew has a knack for fresh and unconventional outlook to films.