Things to be Consider While Recording Audio in Video Production

On Jun 01

No matter how prominent a corporate video maker is, however if he fails to record proper audio for his videos, he cannot justify his work. There is numerous corporate film production houses located in various metro cities. One thing that plays a vital role in their success or failures is how pertinent they are to the basics of video production. If you want to get an edge over your rivals, make sure you pay attention to all the aspects, audio in particular. Here are a few tips that you can use while recording audio to ensure that the end product meets everyone’s expectations-

Learn To Think Out of The Box: Even if you belong to the groups of elite and prominent corporate film makers, you should know how to be creative. Think out of the box to have a wonderful result. You can look forward to installing an external microphone at the shooting destination. It will help you record the best possible audio without any hassle.

Test The Audio: Even if your corporate film production services are considered of utmost quality in the industry, you should not forget to test the audio right before the interview starts. It will help you avoid any trouble during the shooting.

Get Closer: Don’t make the subject reach the microphone. It will affect not only his/her focus and concentration, but also the entire filming process. Make sure that the microphone is placed in such a way that the sound source remains within a comfortable range to record the voice.


The quality of Equipment: If you have decided to perform the entire shooting in-house, you will need good microphones. Don’t ever compromise with the quality of microphones and other related equipment if you want to come up with a second to none video.

Is Shooting Location Fine?: You may have everything in place, but still the result may not be as good as you expected. Check your location first to avoid any such difficulty. Walk around and see if there is anything that can create noise. It’s very important to do so.

Use Headphone For Clear Voice: In order to hear the sound clearly, make sure you use a good headphone. Even without using headphone, you can hear the voice, but still a lot of loopholes go unnoticed. So, use headphones and have a wonderful experience.

Skilled Voiceover Needed: People don’t hear the voice of any professional voice over artist when they contact you. For them, the voice is of your business, your company. So, whenever you decide to take any voice over service, make sure the person can live up to your expectations.

Make The Double Usage: If your recording budget and the location permits, use both lavalier mike and shotgun mike. By using both of them, you cannot only have a greater flexibility, but better sound recording as well.

So, keep these points in mind while shooting a video to have a wonderful experience.