Media Designs is a one stop solution for producing Corporate Communication tools such as Corporate Films, Video Productions and Media Production like Printing & Designing, Event, Exhibition & Photography. We are bringing cost effective and value oriented communication solutions to our clients and foster long term business relations with them.

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  •   Corporate Films 1

    Media Designs is a successful video production company with the most appropriate thematic ideology, technology and dedicated team work to realize all your dream goals in a single-window service. At Media Designs, video production takes several dynamic and static elements into consideration...

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  •   Training & CSR Video 2

    Learning through video enables people to retain information faster & accurately. Video is more perceptive to train and educate the viewer. Video enables you to bring out the true csr initiatives to become more sustainable or to bring a positive impact on the world. We’re the pioneer of Training & csr video since years...

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  •   Video production - 3 Steps 3

    Making a corporate film involves broadly the same techniques as making any other film but there are some differences between a corporate film and say a feature film. While a corporate film revolves around an object such as brand, manufacturing, product etc, in a feature film the core is the story line...

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  •   Print & Design 4

    The print media has and shall continue to play a major role in product / services advertisement and concept marketing for many more centuries to come. The commercial printing & designing services at Media Designs had sensed the market demand for high clarity and visually impactful marketing material quite some years ago...

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  •   Still Photography 5

    The major factors that differentiate experienced professional Still Photography from the crowd are precision, levels of customization, standards and quality of digitization at the time of realization. Our Photography team at Media Designs incorporates all these features and adds it up with an extra feature that is unique to us...

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  •   Event & Exhibition 6

    Events can be of different nature, which may vary from internal to external and informal to formal. Event coverage has been an age old tradition however with the advent of social media and digitisation it has transformed into an imperative need. This has also resulted in advanced technology and professionalism to become a pre requisite...

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